The 'Urban' in Urban Farming

Some days aren't that glamorous, but you still have to get stuff done. Even the boring stuff.

I'd like to forget about the obvious fence line that runs the entire length of our field.  Truth is, my gaze sprints up and down the line once or twice before I even realize it.  I'm looking for missing slats on the west fence that was just rebuilt last year...or if there's more graffiti on the old fence line to the south.  [Oh geez, please don't let our fence become a tagging war zone!]  If we see something shiny in the distance, we assume it's a fresh beer can from someone's outing the night before.

We've got two different neighboring apartment complexes to either side of the fence line.  We think before our presence existed in the field it must've been a thoroughfare for any passerby or person looking for a shortcut to Redwood Road.  Lots of weeds and piles to block the view.  Lots of holes in fences to squeeze between.  As we invest more time in the field, naturally we've become more aware of activity.  And garbage.  The amount of rubbish carelessly tossed over the fence is so silly, given there are dumpsters the offenders have to walk past to throw it over the fence.  

This morning the field was frozen, so we decided to fire up ole Bessy and clean up what we could... we'd seen garbage build up for a few months now.  Not surprised but always amused by the findings.  We are eons from where we started!  Our annual garbage pickup is easy compared to the layers of filth we first encountered 4 or 5 years ago.  Did we see ourselves doing this when we started? No. But it has to get done.  Our persistence has already paid off. So we go on!