State of the Beehive Address

First order of business: a shoutout to our local pollinators!  We thank you for being self-sufficient and hardcore.  You show up no matter what and shake those booties all day.  Thank you for doing what you do well!

We also just ordered 2 hives worth of honeybees to arrive April 15th. Beyond jazzed over here!  We had bees for the few years previous to 2016 and loved it.  Most of it anyway.  The way they ebb and flow during the season is nothing short of a miracle.  We are so stoked to have them around again.   

Charlie parading the ladies in April 2015

Charlie parading the ladies in April 2015

The entirety of 2015 proved to be a sad year for our ladies.  We had seven hives, the most we'd ever had at one time.  One by one they dissolved into a crime scene hosted by the local yellow jackets hungry for bee carcasses and their liquid gold.  Weak colonies? Disease? CCD?

By the onset of winter all the hives were empty.  We had an inspector from UDAF come check them out and results came back negative for any of the typical bee epidemics.  We ended the growing season with no real answers to what happened.  

Alas, we try again.