Closing the Loop. Thoughts from 2015.

One of the goals we are always reaching for is working with all local customers and vendors.  As a small (small!) business we feel honored when folks want to buy our product at the market or say they like supporting local farmers, especially when there are plenty of other options.  It's also a beautiful position to be in when we can offer food we are very proud of to people that have been looking for it!

We imagine that if we appreciate local business and feedback then other businesses feel the same...maybe, maybe not.  Going into our second year at farmer's markets it is obvious to us that the market community is one of the most valuable things we have going.  (Friends and family are a given asset!!)  The connections we've made at the market have already proven to be invaluable.  Local foodies, neighbors, chefs, home-cooks, agricultural entrepreneurs (agripreneurs?!), and so many more that it's overwhelming! Hence, this post!  

We left the market today with a sense of pride for what we're doing, and of course, our community. Hopefully by being transparent about who we choose to partner with will give you an idea of how we like to do business and encourage you to keep supporting "small"!


This is juicing pulp collected from a local coffee shop.  It went straight into our compost to help achieve a nice balanced soil.  Many of the same nutrients those vegetables needed to grow will be going straight back into OURS!  And the pulp wasn't sent to the landfill.  Hooray!