Ladybugs on Parade

The go-to for small talk about the farm tends to gravitate to the funky winter we did, or did not, have. While it was nice, kind of, to have such a mild winter the fact is that we are in for more of a drought nightmare than before.  Sure, we didn't have to shovel snow or deal with inversion air as much. So that was great.  But if you really loved this winter, then move to Arizona because the rest of us are praying for a heap-o-snow to bury us all.

On a not-so-gloomy topic, the lady beetles are going bananas right now, and have been for some weeks.  Wether we noticed this just from being in the field or if there really are more than usual, it's been humbling to watch those little things crawl over everything.  If you're unfamiliar, lady beetles, especially in larva form, are voracious aphid eaters.  This may be a bitter sweet moment.  We may have unseen aphid  colonies everywhere already. Doh! We've been wondering how things would play out from such a mild winter.  In the mean time we'll just enjoy the little lovelies and their sweet, sweet omen.