Romantic? Depends on the day.

I don't consider myself a farmer.  A grower might be better, but still feels weird too. I really don't know what else you would call what we're trying to do though.  For some reason, to me, those titles are attached to a grand picture of rows upon rows of tasseled corn or acres of melons.  Except for the whole Dodge endorsement, I love this commercial... don't judge me.

Obviously these days are a-changin! And I don't believe monocropping is the answer.  It actually causes a lot problems.  That could be a stand alone blog in itself.  Anyhow! One thing I am %100 sure about is the amount of time, physical exertion and drive it takes to want to show up psyched to keep growing things.  This is especially true when bugs are eating everything, the irrigation ditch gets shut off, again, and people are insisting that Walmart sells their corn for $2/dozen.  Well, I'll tell you what to do with that corn.  

Charlie and I spent a good portion of today worrying about the crops we've already planted and feeling grateful for the ones we haven't planted.  All we could do was watch, really. With gusts up to 50 mph and then a rainy/slushy snow, we're hopeful tomorrow will bring us good news.  Maybe not all the cabbages will have been crushed under the weight of the snow on top of the frost cloth? We'll do it again tomorrow.  It's not that romantic or pretty. 

But I wouldn't change any of it.